Monday, November 21, 2011

Iris and daffodils

I managed to plant all but my historical iris today...a big feat. I then spread bird netting over them to deter the rabbits, squirrels, racoons and possium.

Tomorrow I have a dumpster arriving to get rid of junk in the garage and clean up the side yard. I'm thinking of plantng the historical iris in the side yard. The half-bushel of daffodils was supposed to be delivered today per Fed-x's website but they didn't arrive. Maybe tomorrow.

Mom and I are getting out hair done tomorrow then if she has the strength we plan to see Puss 'n Boots. After dropping Mom at home I need to pick up the turkey (Deistel) and get the rest of T-Day shopping done. It will be a busy day tomorrow. Ugg.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daffodil hill

Well I've just been notified that my shipment of a half-bushel of daffodils has shipped. I know what I'll be doing over Thanksgiving holiday! I plan to put them on the front hillside, spread evenly in groups of 5-6. That's a whole lot of 6"-8" holes to dig but come Spring, what a display it will make!

I also got 50 dutch iris to plant in the same order...not sure where they are going yet.

Image of Full Bushel Basket Daffodil

Entered National Geographic's photo contest!

There's no way I'll win anything but it's a good photo and I wanted to share it along with the other 11,000 entries. What was I thinking? ;-)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Newest Obsession

Before my obsession with quilting, before my obsession with figs there was my obsession with iris. Last year when I first moved to my new place I planted a few iris thinned from Mom's yard. My sis also gave me some pretty iris as well. They bloomed and were beautiful, rekindling my love of them. See previous posts for pictures of last year's blooms.

Well I went a little crazy this year. I found HIPS, Historical Iris Preservation Society. I was hoping to ID some of the old iris from my grandmother's ranch. Well they had their annual iris sale last month. I didn't buy any at first but when last call came and they were only a buck, I said send me one of each variety...they did, 28 new iris added to the landscape. On their forum one of the members offered rhizomes for postage as he was thinning them out (done every 3-5 years). He sent me another 20 or so historical iris.Well this started a roll...eBay was my next stop...that was a mistake!

I like the historicals but I really love the newer hybridized iris. Some  are just stunning. Between eBay and direct ordering from the likes of the Iris Patch and Iris Farmer, another 50 named iris were aquired.

Thought I was done but no...I heard my local nursery had iris on sale...they were potted, not bare root and were only a buck each...another 20 picked up. Names are unknow but they are a 'named' iris so should be pretty...peach, purple, deep yellow, bronze...

I joined the San Diego Iris Society. They had a member's iris sale today at Balboa I didn't go! I actually skipped it. I had to start planting what I have! I did get one large box planted, maybe 40 iris but these were from Mom's yard again. I still have over 100 to plant. I need to figure out an ID system so I don't loose track of the iris names. The San Diego Iris Society has a second plant sale next Sunday...

I think I am going to plant a historical iris garden seperate from the fancy, dancy iris. The fancy ones will be in the front yard, historicals in the back. I'm thinking of planting a Dykes Metal garden too...that's the award for the top iris of the year. I have several of them.

OK, so I thought I was done but I'm not. I found the reblooming iris group on facebook. I just ordered a dozen or so of them. Then there are the Spuria I want to get...someone stop me! ;-)

...and on top of the iris there's the half-bushel of daffodil bulbs I bought that are due to arrive in October. My garden next Spring should be quite spectacular...if I can keep the rabbits, squirrels and golphers at bay.


My Owls

My nesting owls had a second clutch this summer! I didn't see how many were in the second clutch but three were in the first. Here's a pick of Daddy Owl on the box with either Momma or a baby peaking out from inside.

Photos taken in Aug, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bought me a man-tool!

Well the weeds have finally won out. I can't keep up with the ones in front much less in the back so I bought me a 'man tool', a high wheel trimmer from Craftsman. I hate motorized tools, except my drill, but I had to bite the bullet and try this monster out. After reading the directions and familiarizing myself with the many parts, I added the oil. Went to the gas station and bought some gas too. It's a 4-cycle engine so no 2-cycle oil needs to be added to the gas.

OK I chickened out and didn't put gas in the tank. Figured if I did that, I'd have no excuse but to try to start it. Then I'd actually have to USE it....ugg. Right now, it's looking new and pretty sitting on my back porch. Maybe tonight? Definitely by this weekend as I have guests coming to dinner on Saturday. First BBQ of the summer!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby owls take flight

I was out last evening and saw 2-3 owls fluttering around near the ground. In addition 2 larger owls were flying around them calling out. I have to assume these are baby owls that fledged from my nest box! I'm so excited. I tried to take some video of the one baby flapping it's wings probably trying to strengthen them for flight. He/she is hopping from tree to bush to ground to tree, etc. Fun to watch. the video is bad and you need to enlarge to fuill screen to see anything and it's well into dusk but you can see the owl in the lower center of the video as it flaps its wings and hops from tree to post.!/video/video.php?v=1791555192408&comments

I'll try to get a better video tonight if they are still around.