Monday, November 21, 2011

Iris and daffodils

I managed to plant all but my historical iris today...a big feat. I then spread bird netting over them to deter the rabbits, squirrels, racoons and possium.

Tomorrow I have a dumpster arriving to get rid of junk in the garage and clean up the side yard. I'm thinking of plantng the historical iris in the side yard. The half-bushel of daffodils was supposed to be delivered today per Fed-x's website but they didn't arrive. Maybe tomorrow.

Mom and I are getting out hair done tomorrow then if she has the strength we plan to see Puss 'n Boots. After dropping Mom at home I need to pick up the turkey (Deistel) and get the rest of T-Day shopping done. It will be a busy day tomorrow. Ugg.


  1. It was great! Very tasty and of course, perfectly cooked. ;-) Gravy was one of the best too.

  2. Glad your day was great. I had a super, super day with all my children with me. It was the best.....